Tiles in map deleted on export?

Hey all, I’m fairly new to tile so bear with me. I was recently constructing a map per the frequently used Unity 2d rpg tutorials found by GamesPlusJames (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVCXgN5_XmY). I was trying to export the tileset for my custom map and when I clicked export it turned the entire map to red and black squares, which is the screenshot below. I was able to reimport the sprite sheet that I was using to no avail, the map didn’t seem to see that it had the same tiles back.


I’m assuming it’s a file/reference/media not found kinda error, like you would get in Adobe products. I wasn’t able to find anyone with the same issue on this forum or google, probably because I wasn’t using the right language to describe the problem haha. Any help would be appreciated.

If you can reproduce this issue, please try to list the exact steps you’re doing to cause it. This does not normally happen and knowing exactly what to do to make it happen would be very helpful.

Also, it is always good to mention which version of Tiled you’re using (and if it’s not the latest version, to try upgrading).

Just remade my map and tried exporting again and the bug didn’t recur. I’m using 1.0.3.
When the bug did occur, all I did was hit the export button and select a directory to export to, I don’t remember if it was the working directory where my map and other time sheets are stored.