Align a group of tiles on isometric maps

Hello! So I’m starting with this great software Tiled,
BUT I work with isometric maps and I have a problem that is really puzzling me…

I tried to follow step-by-step the guide here:

Nothing fancy OK, but at 8:15 I bump in huge troubles when I try to reproduce what the guy does. He manages to place a group of tiles on his map, 2 tiles at a time.

The behaviour of my 0.17 version software is very different :sweat:
Here are 2 screenshots that show how the program behaves on my PC…

I can’t figure out nor what’s wrong, neither how to proceed if I want to put a group of several tiles on the map easily aligned.

The sample tileset used can be freely downloaded from: opengameart website
search for : isometric-64x64-medieval-building-tileset

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!



I am not 100% sure what is happening here… But what I guess is that you did not add the tileset with the correct width/height settings… In his video around 08:15 he only places single tiles all the time. So make sure your tileset is set up like he did in his video at:

He explains how he comes to this values before that.

If it still does not work it would be cool if you could upload your .tmx file. Then I could check what could go wrong there… It is always hard to guess it from screenshots only.


If you want to place that entire tree in one go on an isometric map, then the most convenient way is to have it as a single tile. The way you’ve set it up the tree is getting cut into many little pieces that then get placed on the tile grid, resulting in a distorted tree.

Since the trees are all different sizes, you’ll want to save them as separate images and add an “Image Collection” tileset to your map, to which you can add these images with the + button below the tileset view.

excellent, both answers helped me a lot! Thank you guys