Setting of isometric map


I’m new to Tiled map editor, I’m trying to make a isometric map with Kenny’s isometric spritesheet.
But I’m having problem matching the grid to the image inside the spritesheet.
Here is the screen shot.

So what did I do wrong here? Any guidance will be appreciated.

note. links lead to my dropbox storage.

Thank you.

You’re having trouble matching the grid because in your spritesheet the tiles are not aligned to any grid, they’re just packed together as closely as possible. Tiled currently doesn’t support this kind of packed sheets.

When I download Kenney’s isometric spritesheet from I see the zip file also contains all the tiles as individual images. When tiles vary in size, this is sometimes the easier way to use them with Tiled. It works as follows:

  • Choose Map -> New Tileset…
  • Give it a name
  • Select Type: Collection of Images and press OK
  • Now, in the tool bar below the Tilesets view, click Add Tiles (it may be hidden below a double arrow)
  • Use the file selector to select all the tiles you want to add

Of course, using individual images may not be the most efficient way to handle things in your game. So you may want to pack the tile graphics together anyway and use this texture atlas in your game. All you will need is a way to map the file names to the texture coordinates on the atlas, which is what texture packer tools provide in various forms.

Thank you for your guidance, it works like a charm now.

Hello guys,
I’m just staring with this stuff and I’m also trying to set some demos with Kenny’s awesome sprites - trying to use his City Buildings sprites. But I’m having the hardest time figuring out how to set up the map, the size of tiles (since there are different sizes) and matching them: for example a roof to a building. I found this post and I’m hoping someone can help me out with more setup information. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Here’s a link to the assets I’m trying to use:


@Javier_Cerdas Unfortunately that will be tricky as long as I didn’t get around to merging the following pull request and making it work with all map types:

Without that you can’t really do the stacking of building blocks correctly.

It’s something I will eventually get around to, depending on how much time I can afford to spend on Tiled. Currently that’s one full day a week and it can be increased by supporting me on Patreon. :-)