Tile properties (2)

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This question has been asked I think in the past but it was a while ago so perhaps things have changed. What I’m basically really looking for is a way to attach properties to individual tiles on the map. So not on tiles on a tileset. Now it’s been said that you can use objects for this and you can snap objects to grid but that still doesn’t quite cut it because I’d like to know the tile coords for the tiles with these properties.


No change, you can’t assign properties to individual tiles. It would be a pretty big change to Tiled and how its data is exported to allow that.

You can calculate the tile coordinate for an object based on the map size and tile size though, so you can get the behaviour you want by doing the work in your engine/game. Or, if you meant you want to know the tile ID associated with those objects, you can use Tile Objects, I believe.

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Please see the following pull request for a possible implementation of tile properties and the reason why it has not been merged as-is:

Ookay thanks. The work-around of calculating the tile coords by object coordinates in engine is acceptable for me.

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