Applying automapping to multiple tilesets with same structure

I have just started using automapping for a top-down dungeon crawler. I have managed to get it working for wall and floor layers - and it is a fantastic feature.

The spritesheets that I am using have multiple different wall and floor skins based on the same skeleton - hopefully shown below.


What I want to be able to do is to apply a particular wall or floor skin (different ones for different maps/levels) but I’m not sure how to do this without creating a heap of layers.

At the moment my automapping creates a skeleton layer (for the outline of the walls) and then an additional layer for each of the wall skins (I’ve only tried 2 skins so far but it will work for more).


So when I save the map file it will have layers for each of the skins that I have created automapping rules for. I am guessing that when this is loaded in the game engine (I’m using pygame at the moment) it will load up a lot of unnecessary images.

Is there any way so I can just create a wall layer for a specific skin, but at the same time having the flexibility to easily swap skins?

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be offered.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing and why, so please forgive me if this answer doesn’t address your question.

To easily swap skins across the whole map, check out my mass replace tiles script, which can replace any set of tiles with other tiles.

The more “semantic” way to do this is to have each skin in a separate tileset, and swap the tilesets as needed, either in Tiled (using the Replace Tileset button in the Tilesets panel) or in your game.

If you’re looking to swap skins just in specific areas rather than across the entire map, and potentially have multiple skins used within the same map, then you’d probably want an Automapping-based solution that replaces any given wall tile with its equivalent of another colour based on some sort of “skin” guide layer (this guide layer should not be used in-game, and you could delete it after finishing your map).