Automapping on multiple layers

I am a beginner with Tiled and trying to use it for exporting maps to my game engine. I have attached my dummy tileset below:

I found that for this “blob” set, Automapping tools worked the best for tiling. I would like to create a “fake 3d” effect by stacking multiple layers of these tiles. However, I came across the issue that after making tiling rules, I had to duplicate them for each “z” layer of inputs and outputs. This makes it quite difficult to make any changes, as you would have to change each rule from each automapping map to make changes uniform for all layers. It becomes as tedious as placing tiles by hand.

This would work if the map only had one layer, but with many it just becomes cumbersome. Is there a way to associate an automapping map with the tileset itself, rather than with the layers they are being placed on? Is Tiled even the right software for this? Thank you!

Automapping can’t be used this way (though there are multiple issues on GitHub suggesting approaches to allow it), but since this is a blob tileset, you might not need Automapping: Terrains, which are layer-agnostic and associated with the tileset, handle blob tilesets very well. You would use a Mixed-type Terrain for a blob tileset.

The problem with Terrains is they don’t handle those vertical purple bits well, they tend to get confused if you try to add labels for them since they necessarily create a very incomplete Terrain. Terrains can handle the top orange part perfectly. So, you may still need repeated Automapping rules across multiple layers to add those automatically. Depending on how that wall is set up though, it may be easy enough to add in a second pass, either as a simple brush (if it remains just a solid purple blob like it is now), or as a separate Edge-type Terrain.

If you would prefer to use Automapping for all or part of this, you can speed up the creation of the repeated rules for different layers by creating the rules once, then Saving As a copy, and changing the names of the layers. With just two layers per rule map, it should be very quick. If you need to change the target name of a lot of layers at once (e.g. if you have a lot of input layers), this script to search and replace in layer names may help.

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Wow, that was quick! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :smiley: