Automap rules colliding

(Matthew Colon) #1

I have the following rule map where I have a 2x7 region and 2x4 region with different tile arrangements I’d like to apply:

Output Layer:

However, when I have the 2x7 region in my map, it applies the 2x7 automap arrangement and then puts the 2x4 automap arrangement on top of it:


I have “NoOverlappingRules” set to true, but this only applies to a single rule overlapping itself from what I understand, not from other rules overlapping each other. Is there a way to set precedence on automap rules so that I can say to apply rules from smallest arrangement to largest so the largest always ends up in the result?

(Matthew Colon) #2

Since new users can only post two images at a time, here is my input layer for my rule map:

and here is my “Before” layer in my main map: