Automap: rules question: colliding rules / differend asset sizes

I got a Question about the use of rules when dealing with different sizes of parts within an asset.

What you see on the picture 1 is the level.tmx on which the rule shall apply. The geometry-layer has the blue “air” and the green “wall”. The ground layer is empty. Below in picture 2 you can see the rule.tmx. The region is the same as the input geometry. Which consists of wall and air to check in the geometry-layer. The output-layer is the ground-layer. So what the rule does ist to check for green “wall” and for air in the geometry layer and output the tiles from the asset in the ground layer. Obviously both rules fit on the geometry, so the rule outputs both assets (picture 3). The both assets have a different lenght. One is 32px and the other 48px long.

I would like to randomize the output since i got several cases in the asset pack where multiple tiles fit but with different sizes.

Does anyone has a solution? “NoOverlappingRules” only apply on one rule itself.

Greetings Pira