Automapping Execution?

I’ve been using Tiled for work on a big project lately and it’s been great to work with thus far. Recently I was looking into automapping and setting it up since it seems really useful for throwing together maps simply, but I feel as though I’m not understanding something or perhaps misunderstanding just how automapping works or what it’s used for.

I’m attempting to create a rule for creating trees where someone can place down the stump of the tree and execute autotile to quickly create the rest of it. I’ve mapped all relevant space into a region (defined by the green tiles), placed my upper portion of the tree inside the region on the layer “output_decor -fore” and the stump portion on “input_decor”. My thinking is automap should check for that stump on the map under my “decor” layer and if it finds it, places the rest of the tree above it under the “decor -fore” layer of my map?

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work. I don’t get any errors, but nothing seems to execute. My rules files are located in the proper locations and I don’t get errors, but nothing really happens. I’ve worked on it a while and at this stage I’m not too sure what to be checking for.

Here’s a beautiful, detailed and well-thought out infographic on my setup:

If someone could shed some light on what I might be doing wrong (or if automap can even be used for what I’m attempting to do) that would be great.

Since such a rule should work fine, it’s hard to know exactly what may be going wrong without having access to the exact rule setup.

I can tell you that a very similar scenario was implemented for Source of Tales:

To try it, clone the repository and check out the files automapping/ruletree001.tmx. It is turning a marker on the “settree” layer randomly into two trees of different height. A simpler rule with only one tree variation is at automapping/ruletree002.tmx.