AutoTiling/"puzzle painting" from large tileset

Hi Tiled Mappers!

I’had like to know how to do “mosaic painting”/“puzzle painting”.

Let me explain:

I have large textures (1024*1024 px) divided in many little tiles to represent 1 type of floor (grass for exemple).
I would like to find a way that when i paint this floor even with a 1 tile brush, the tile next to the previous would be the one corresponding in the big texture. Or replace later by the good one.

For example:

To draw from the texture represented by the grid from 1 to 9 a figure:

4–6-- 6

Hope I explained my problem clearly

Hmm, you can achieve this using the fill tool by first selecting the area you want to paint (you can use Shift to add, Control to subtract) and then filling with that pattern. You can hold Shift in the fill tool to make it fill the selected area.

However, I fully agree there should be a brush that works like this and to be honest I’ve been thinking about this in the past days as I was working on improving the stamp brush. I’d probably add it as a separate tool.

Thanks for the tip! The selection tool and the fill tool do the job as expected.
I’m glad to hear you are working on a new stamp brush for that. The task will be definitly more handy with it.

I’m glad to hear the selection tool and fill tool did the job for you.

A small correction about the brush I mentioned, it’s something I had been thinking about and not something I’m already actively working on. I think about a lot of stuff, but I have a limited time I can spend on Tiled based on support from patrons. If you want to increase the chance that I’ll actually get around to it, you could consider to become a patron as well.