BPG Image Format Support

So there’s a newer image format called Better Portable Graphics, or BPG. While its site may look a little outdated/basic, it came out around 2014. And even though it’s a lesser-known format, I prefer it to other formats almost all the way. It is based (to my knowledge) off of the JPEG/HEVC formats, and its open-sourced, so it should be easy enough to add it.

Could we have support for more formats, specifically the BPG format?

This essentially means writing a Qt image loading plugin for this particular format. I’m not opposed to shipping such a plugin, but given that this is at least currently a rather uncommon format, it is not a high priority for me to implement. Maybe it’s something you’d like to look into?

Well, your talking to someone who is literally just starting to learn C++. I would imagine it would be a low priority; was kind of expecting it would. If the support does get added, that would be kind of nice. But hey, PNG is pretty good anyways. Thanks!