Tiled (about-tiled-logo.png) - NEW

This is not a request for new resources for Tiled. :smiley: :sweat_smile:

It’s just the suggestion of a new logo for the file ‘about-tiled-logo.png’.

The image below shows a suggestion, among other options I’m editing …

Why are you suggesting a replacement? I’m quite happy with the current image, though I still plan to improve it a little based on the cleaner image used on the website.

I think your suggestion is not bad, but I don’t really see it as an improvement over what is there currently. I do like the sketchy look as well as that it is not in perspective.

Just for reference the current version:

And I’d probably go with this cleaner version instead:

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I just did a quick-and-dirty experiment combining these two ideas:


  • remove as much shadow as I cleanly could, since it would be on a different plane from the lettering
  • reverse perspective transform (‘corrective’ mode in gimp persp tool)
  • plot some fading grid lines


  • Not in perspective is definitely easier to read.
  • Lighter font is, too
  • fading grid lines don’t work that well in this particular design.

I also made a few variants, mainly of the T, even more quick+dirty, using GMIC filters, might inspire some ideas:

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@finticemo Thanks for your experiments! I think the main thing it demonstrated to me is that the perspective on the cleaner version is probably a little off, which shows in your straightened up version. I did also like to see what the filters did though.

But I want to note that I don’t currently see a need to change the Tiled logo. It has looked roughly this way since I originally drew it back in 2004 for the Java-based version of Tiled:

Of course, if we get to a “Tiled 2” kind of thing it may be time for something new, but I think the current one will do fine for Tiled 1.x.

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TBH I like that version better, as the non-perspective ‘iled’ is much easier to read and the T is in isometric rather than perspective.

If we get to a ‘Tiled 2’ sort of thing, I would definitely hope that the text is not in perspective, as I strongly feel that it simply isn’t comfortably readable in perspective.