Tiled Image DPI (JPEG, PNG, etc.)

Hi Guys,

It’s my first post in the community !

And well, I was wondering if there’s any info related to the DPIs in which Tiled exports images. I want to print one of my maps in the highest possible resolution (300 DPI). ANY commentary related to this subject is more than welcome.

Hugs for you all !!

Hmm, Tiled does not specify any particular DPI when saving the image. I’m not sure if Qt will save some standard value or if it has the option to leave the information out entirely. It depends on the file format as well of course.

If you need the resulting image to have a certain DPI value associated with it for the purpose of printing it, I think it’s best to open it in another tool after saving it, like GIMP or Photoshop, and configure its DPI there.

For convenience, I could include a DPI input field in the Export as Image dialog.