Bug when cropping?

This is either a bug or operator error…
I have an 18x12 hex map as follows:

When I resize it to 17x12 by cropping off the far right column (as shown in the mini-map in the resize window), it works perfectly! Background and roads are unaffected, except the right column disappears.

However… what I really want to do is resize to 17x12 by cropping off the far left column. So in the re-size window I pick 17x12, then -1 for x offset. And the mini-map in the windows looks like it wants to crop away that left column. But when I execute, I get this mess of the roads from the original map:

So… the background terrain is getting cropped properly, but the “Roads” layer sitting on top of it is not getting translated to match… resulting in this mess of a road system.

Ideas? Thanks!

Hmm, hexagonal maps are staggered and that means in your case that every odd column is shifted down by half the tile height. If you take a column away on the left, then the columns that are shifted down change.

To avoid it, you should either crop off an even number of columns, or after cropping you can correct your map by changing the “Stagger Index” property of the map to “Even”.

Maybe Tiled should automatically change this “Stagger Index” property when appropriate, in order to keep the map looking the same?

Ah ha!!! Yes, thank you! You are exactly right: it was the stagger index issue; so indeed it was operator error.

Yes, it would certainly be most convenient if Tiled automatically made the adjustment. Second best would be to have the Stagger Index be a pick in the “Resize” window dialogue (along with size and X-Y Offsets). This way the user can make all necessary changes in one spot, rather than going separately to the Map Properties to fix the stagger.

Thanks for resolving the mystery!