Bulk export as image [SOLVED]

Hi. First I want to express my gratitude for this amazing tool :smile:

My game uses PNG images generated with Tiled for maps. They are little rooms (each room a image/sprite) connected to each other. I chose this way because it simplifies it a lot for me and I believe that using some large sprites (not so large) is more performant than using meshes with thousands of individual tiles.

The problem is that this way when I modify the tileset I have to re-export ALL of the maps as images one by one. So I referred to the Tiled’s command line tool in order to do it in a bulk but then I noticed that the command line tool only exports in the numeric formats. So is there a way to bulk export Tiled maps as PNG images?

Thank you and excuse me for my bad English.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a separate command-line tool for this called tmxrasterizer. You should be able to find this shipped alongside Tiled.

Thank you very much! That will make it way more easy! :blush:

If anyone is unfamiliar with command line:

  1. Copy this into a text file

cd C:\path\to\folder
echo off

FORFILES /m “*tmx” /C “cmd /c tmxrasterizer @fname.tmx @fname.png

  1. Change “cd …” to the path of your .tmx files.
  2. Save and rename the text file into “anything.bat”.
  3. Double click the bat file. If it work, the images will appear in the folder.