How to export each tile as image?

Sorry I’m pretty new to this. I have my map drawn. I basically want to export each tile to a separate image name. I’m probably overlooking how to do this so I apologize!

Trying to export so the filenames look similar to this?

Thank you!

Hmm, this is not something directly supported by Tiled. You could possibly save your map as a single image, and then use some other tool to cut it into pieces. You can do this easily from the command line with ImageMagick:

I’m wondering a little though, why would you want to do this?

I’m looking to fork this game I linked, I’m not all that advanced as far as programming, so I am following the way they have it set up. Thank you very much I will check out your recommendation!

Edit: after looking I think this is exactly what I need. :slight_smile: