Noob Question - How to place tile within an Object Layer - Object doesnt snap to a grid

Hi all, firstly I’d like to thank you all whoever helped make Tiled and also anyone trying to offer help for free (without guys/girls like you, guys like me would have given up years ago lol!)

I’m currently learning game dev in Java and Libgdx and I find it super fun and very easy to learn so far (I was able to make several 2d games in XNA c# - but even back then I used to avoid making proper levels as the I struggle intergrating level editor files into the game code.

Thankfully, I have been able to import TMX to libgdx game without much of a problem, however this is now the first time of using Object Layer, for which at this moment in time I only want to include Platforms as the object (ie. I have 1x Tile Layer showing my background image and 1x Object Layer above). Now I’ve seen that I can just draw lines and/or boxes, circles etc to create ‘zones’ which I can pull into my code (goodness only knows how atm but I’ll figure that later/soon :smile: )

But I see in Tiled that the button - Insert Tile (T) - exists.
I’m trying to use it but when the tile im using as a platform is placed it goes exactly where the mouse is pressed and I can’t move it other than delete it. I’d just like to copy-paste a whole row of them for now and Level1 can just be 50 tiles in a flat line just so I can get it all working. It seems weird to me that Tiled can’t do this but Ive spent ages looking for a way and can’t find it.

Am I missing something or is this just not possible? And if the latter, how does an experienced tiled user (who’s making a 2d platformer) go about creating such a simple example above in the Tiled environment?

Thanks for reading… I suddenly noticed I’ve gone on a bit there

What a noob - I answered my own question. The option I needed was in the ‘View’ dropdown menu -> ‘Snap To grid’ LOL

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