Can you download Tiled on a Raspberry pi

I just got my raspberry and tried downloading Tiled from here but it doesn’t seem to work and i couldn’t find any tutorials for this. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if tiled works on a raspberry pi and if so how do you install it

Hmm, which distribution are you using on your Raspberry Pi? Tiled is packaged for some popular distributions like Debian and Arch Linux, which likely includes their versions for the Raspberry Pi.

Or, if you have snap working you could try to install Tiled through that. The “edge” version is available for armhf architecture:

sudo snap install tiled --edge

snap install worked for me. Thanks!

That’s great to hear! On which Linux distribution is this?

Note that the “edge” version will update each time I push to master, which happens multiple times a week. At some point I should look into making the other channels available as armhf (and i386) as well. Right now I’m not sure how to achieve this.

I’m using Raspbian but not sure which exact version since i’m pretty new to linux and don’t know how to check

Hey! I have the same problem and also running Raspbian. Could you please tell me how you got snap though, “sudo apt-get install snapd” outputs not found.