Can you use Normal Maps with Tiled?


Is it possible to use Normal Maps with Tiled?

(魔大农) #2

Not specifically, but Tiled doesn’t stop you from setting a normal map for the material you use in your game.

If you want it to be tile-specific you could use properties. This would only be visible within Tiled as a string though and would have to be handled on import.


is there a tutorial or documentation somewhere?
Or can I just use another Layer and later export 2 tilemaps (with normal maps on separate tilemap)?
I’m not sure how to use Properties for this.

(魔大农) #4

The property would have the (relative) path to the normals texture as its value.

But you could also think about having seperate textures for each tile with a corresponding texture with the same name and then something appended (like _NORMALS) that would be linked to the correct material when importing the map into your game.