Tileset swapping


I was wondering if it is possible to swap the tileset for a layer runtime (LibGDX) or in the Tiled editor to create a layer only once then copy it with a different tileset.

I’m putting normal mapping in my game and currently when I’m creating a map I have to have a layer for the walls and a different layer with the same setup but with a normal mapped tilesets and I’d like to work around that since it is too time consuming.

It is not possible to exchange tilesets in Tiled, but you could do so by editing the TMX file in a text editor. So, you could make a copy of your map file, change its tileset, open it in Tiled and copy/paste the layer back to the original file.

However, it sounds to me really more like you should aim to solve this in your game, possibly based on some custom tileset property that points your game to the texture to use for the normal maps.