Can't open Tiled after installation

(Geoffrey Mégardon) #1


I really enjoy using Tiled in my free time, it is a very good piece of software.
I just installed the new version and I get this dialogue when I try to open it:

Any idea of what it is about?

I don’t remember if that is important, but I may have done the mistake of installing the new version without un-installing the old version.

(Geoffrey Mégardon) #2

I made it work! I simply:

  • un-install Tiled (which did not remove any of the files in D:/Progam Files(x86)/Tiled),
  • I deleted manually the filed in D:/Progam Files(x86)/Tiled
  • I re-installed Tiled

I guess I should un-install Tiled before to install the new version next time!

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #3

Normally this is not necessary, but when upgrading from 0.18.1 or older to 0.18.2 or newer, it was necessary due to a change in the installer. I guess you were still on this old version. Sorry for the trouble!

(Geoffrey Mégardon) #4

yes, I think this is what happened.
No worries :slight_smile: the new version looks amazing!