Can't open Tiled after installation


I really enjoy using Tiled in my free time, it is a very good piece of software.
I just installed the new version and I get this dialogue when I try to open it:

Any idea of what it is about?

I don’t remember if that is important, but I may have done the mistake of installing the new version without un-installing the old version.

I made it work! I simply:

  • un-install Tiled (which did not remove any of the files in D:/Progam Files(x86)/Tiled),
  • I deleted manually the filed in D:/Progam Files(x86)/Tiled
  • I re-installed Tiled

I guess I should un-install Tiled before to install the new version next time!

Normally this is not necessary, but when upgrading from 0.18.1 or older to 0.18.2 or newer, it was necessary due to a change in the installer. I guess you were still on this old version. Sorry for the trouble!

yes, I think this is what happened.
No worries :slight_smile: the new version looks amazing!

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