Change id layer = Delete id layer


I have a question about numbering layers.

After upgrading from Tiled-1.1.3413, each layer has its unified id number. Is it possible to remove it? Otherwise I will have to rewrite half of my script, it will take a lot of time.


There is no option to not write out the unique layer IDs. Why does ignoring it require you to rewrite half of your script? :confused:

The main problem is that I work on part of the open source library additionally node 6.x.x and I have a mega problem with eliminating this error. Mape converts into js through loops and they show error of argument number 1, which was the name of the layer before, and now that varrible it’s its ID of layer. I try to skip this var but after edit all line ect. But after i done it server node always crashing so that i ask how delete it.
The only solution that works is using the old version of tiled.

Whet it is in is the file, then I think just replace the number with the name you have before.

I use the tmx export option and there are also some little changes. I needed only to change the name tag.

If this is total out of place then it’s because I never use js. And do not know how that is working, I only know it’s a scripting language that can be changed.


All I can say is that you should not rely on the order of the attributes to stay consistent. Use the actual names of the attributes to look up the values and you will not have any problems when the order changes or when new ones are added.