Collision editor free line tool?

So I’m in collision editor, but as you can see I have no free line tool in my tool bar on the right side of this image.

I want to be able to do pixel-perfect collision.

Where do I enable it?

The polygon tool allows you to draw polylines, by not closing the polygon.

There is no real “free line” tool, because this could easily lead to creating way too many points on the polyline. So, you’ll need to click for each point.

I imagine a “free line” mode could be implemented, but it would require some algorithm to determine when to introduce new points to make a reasonable estimation of what you’re drawing.

1 more question to that effect in that case. how do i stop the line from drawing before i close the polygon? do I right click?

Yes (or press Enter). Why didn’t you just try it? :slight_smile:

cool! thank you! :slight_smile: