Draw a line with physics properties

Hi. I have a question about drawing line with two points in Tiled map editor 1.2. Is it possible to draw a single line created using two points? I do not want to draw any polygon. I want to draw line and add custom physics property to it. Can this be done? I am not looking for a polygon solution where a very thin polygon can theoretically achieve this.

I guess one solution is to use rectangle with very thin width near 0

There is also a polyline.

I can see there is an option for editing polygons, no UI button for polyline

There is a UI button for it, it looks like and is next to the insert polygon button. Alternative you can press ‘L’.

More info:

Image link : https://goo.gl/QwezUJ
Sorry I still do not see this button, are you using Tiled 1.2?
I believe you are using the earlier version of the editor, which had this button as far as I recall

I downloaded 1.2 build from :slight_smile:https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled/download/eyJleHBpcmVzIjoxNTQxNzczMTQ0LCJpZCI6Mjg3Njh9.G8OCJ9GLR5o0La3SP3Tn8c4VvWs%3D

  • Reinstalled it and still do not see the polyline button

You are right, I was using Tiled 1.1.5. In the news I found this:
Unified the Create Polygon and Create Polyline tools

Seems like you have to use the polygon tool now. I will install the new Tiled version later to try it out.

The previous polyline feature I am missing :frowning:
Now the whole boundary of a line created is like a rectangular area which collides with other physics objects! Definately a bug!

However I do not know which side the bug is on, whether it is in 1.2 side or it is in Berry Tiled engine, so commenting in this forum too!

The polygon and polyline tools are unified, which means you now use the same tool to make either polygons or polylines. If you only want a polyline, all you need to do is to avoid clicking the initial point again to close the polygon.

To create just a single line, start creating a polygon and then right-click after you’ve placed the second point.

Thanks for the feedback. I could draw polyline with the same tool no issues.