Color properties with alpha values (OSX)

Just a minor thing: if I add one of the new color properties to an object and give it an alpha value less than 255, if I adjust the value again with the color select dialog, the alpha is ignored and set to 255.

This is using Tiled 0.17.0 & OSX 10,11.6. Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows box handy to test this.

Thanks for noticing! I can reproduce the issue also on Linux and Windows, and it seems to have been there since a long time (tested with map background color in Tiled 0.15.0). I’ll look into fixing this for Tiled 0.17.1.

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If you look into this, I’ve noticed another issue with Tiled 0.16.1 when exporting to JSON: ObjectGroup color is exported as “#RRGGBB” (there is no alpha component), even if I can set the alpha channel from the color picker. I don’t know if this is desired behaviour.

This turned out to be a bug in Qt, for which I’ve pushed a fix here:

But since it could take a while until that finds its way to Tiled, I’ve also done the following workaround:

Fixed that as well: