Command line arguments

I was browsing Tiled’s source, and I’ve found that it has only 5 command line arguments. Is it correct?

I want to know if there is an argument which allows you to open the specified tmx file in the editor.

Any non-option argument is interpreted as a file to open, so you can open any number of files directly from the command line. This is briefly mentioned in the command-line help:

[bjorn@thor ~]$ tiled --help
  tiled [options] [files...]

  -h --help           : Display this help
  -v --version        : Display the version
     --quit           : Only check validity of arguments
     --disable-opengl : Disable hardware accelerated rendering
     --export-map     : Export the specified tmx file to target
     --export-formats : Print a list of supported export formats

Thanks. The windows version does not output these in the console.

Right, that’s a little tricky on Windows and currently I don’t know how to solve it without always having a console popping up when running Tiled outside of a command line, which I think is much worse. It is covered by the following issue: