Comment layers in an AutoMap

Hi, I have an automap file setup for my map. The automap works fine, no problems there. I decided I wanted to add some text objects to write comments about what some of the different rule patterns do in my Automap file. So I created an object layer called “comments” that just has some text objects on it.

So now the automap fails with the following error:

“Did you forget an underscore in layer ‘comment’?”

I know that the layer naming scheme is very important for Automapping to work. I tried just adding an underscore in front of the layer (new name ‘_comment’) to see if that would skip the error. But that gives me a new error:

“Layer ‘_comment’ is not recognized as a valid layer for AutoMapping.”

So my question is: Is there a way to create a layer in an automap file that is just completely ignored? I don’t want this text layer to be evaluated at all in the rules - I just want to write some notes next to my tile patterns to describe them.

Prefix your layer name with //, e.g. //Comments.


Thanks, that works!