Note Creation Tool for Editor

Hey-a! I’m a designer with Hidden Achievement and while working just now, I had the idea that Tiled could be improved with a note option. Something that designers could place around their maps/levels/worlds to make reminders or just random notes they need. I’ve used notes a ton when working in Unreal and just only realized how much I like that feature and that I’d love that to be in Tiled, as well!

I was just thinking the same actually. I tried to put notes as custom properties for automap rupes, but tiled expected them to do something, and had to notify me for each that these would be ignored.

Do you mean something along the lines of this issue?

Indeed, but the problem is that object comments would not work in automap files, which are the ones for which I would need this feature the most (and map level description should not be on the map itself IMO).

It seems @Galdred and @Vanessa_Reynolds are speaking about rather different things. Vanessa definitely asked for the feature linked to by @ketanhwr, and I would be curious to hear whether the newly Text object (available in snapshot builds) would suit her needs already, or whether there would need to be a more explicit “note” object.

In contrast, @Galdred doesn’t want to place notes at certain positions, but has the problem that custom properties set on rule maps are in general used by the automapping code in Tiled, and that it is popping up warnings for any unrecognized properties. The fix may just be to remove this warning, or to make it less obtrusive (maybe moving it to the debug console, which is currently only used by the Python plugin)?

Good point.
Moving it to the debug console would work just fine indeed.
I would be content with just being able to put comments in the rules.txt file actually.
Something like # to start a line comment and not try to implement it as text.

This sounded easy enough so I wanted to look at implementing it, however, it seems this is already supported. So please, go and place some comments on your rules.txt. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I had completely forgotten it worked since the beginning. Thanks!