Trying to understand / solve an issue with automapping. Hope someone can help

So i have a very simple setup. A Tiled Map with two layers, a “Terrain Layer” and an “Objects Layer” for a little topdown game.
What i’m trying to achieve with automapping is to create an Tiled Object Layer that will later contain certain informations.

My problem is a little difficult to articulate, so i made some screenshots (it’s a long vertical image, be sure to click it):

I dont know if it will be visible inside the forum layout, so i put it on so you can see it in it’s full size.

What is happening is that when i create the input rules for my “Objects Layer”, the rules output does create objects for both layers, but it ignores tiles that contain only the “Terrain Layer”, and only outputs above the “Objects Layer”.

Do you guys know what am i doing wrong? Thanks for the time.

Could this be the same problem reported by @Galdred below?

I think it is the same problem indeed:
compareLayerTo returns false if no match is find at a given position and there is a layer in listYes (if both the input layer and the workmap layer are zero, it is not considered a match).
I think it should return false if there is no match and there is a layer in listYes with a matching non zero tile.

For these rules the new “StrictEmpty” option on input layers should help, because it will cause the empty tiles in the input layer to mean “the set layer can be empty here”, instead of “the set layer should have any tile that isn’t mentioned in any input layer for this rule” (which includes an empty tile, so an empty tile is invalid by that rule).

“StrictEmpty” is a new option on input layers to be included in the next development snapshot and 1.1 release, documented here:

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