Connect objects between maps


In tiled there is the possibility to create objects and you can give them custom data types.
one of these types is other objects and this is really useful to create references to other objects.
I’m trying to make a pokemon game and i want to use this feature to create warps to other maps.
I’m also using the worlds feature to have multiple maps onscreen at the same time.

however i’m unable to select objects that are located on different worlds and this is a bit of a bummer because this means i cant create warps to other maps.

so my question is.
Is there a way to do this or get around this issue?
Is there maybe an update or feature coming that would make this possible?

I think this is a planned feature, but it’s not directly possible yet.

Instead of an Object reference, you can instead use a different property type to refer to the object, e.g. using its name or other ID. If your objects don’t have any sort of game-global ID, you can create ad hoc string IDs using the map name and object ID, e.g. “MyOtherMap#19” would refer to object with ID 19 in a map called “MyOtherMap”.

good idea, takes a bit more effort and is a little bit more error prone, but atleast it works.

I also considered making just one giant map. that way i could still select everything. but that feels a bit messy and could give performance problems if the map gets too big.

Yeah, it’s not great, but it works. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, you could write a script that verifies the validity of such references every time you save the map. You could also write another script that generates such a “global object ID” from the currently selected object for you to copy+paste (sadly I don’t think scripts can put things directly into your clipboard), to save you typing and looking up the ID number.

A giant map would probably get pretty laggy, and you’d probably have to find some way to split it up at runtime to keep memory use down, I think a bit of authoring inconvenience is the better option xP

good idea, I’ve never tried scripting inside tiled, but that sounds powerful.