Linking Objects w/ Targets

Was messing around with the impactjs engine earlier today with their editor. The tile editor is a disaster. I couldn’t even load 125x125 32x32 tiles without it lagging hardcore. I instantly went back to the tiled map editor. :slightly_smiling:

One thing I think we could take away from their editor though which is the only thing that makes it worth-wild is a feature called linking objects.
For example:

Basically if a properties’s value matches another object, a line is drawn connecting them.

This would help tremendously with creating interactive maps. Ofcourse, you, as the tiled developer only needs to implement and draw the line. We as the game programmer will utilize the linking objects in our own way. I think this is a serious, and awesome idea to further enhance tiled!

Yep, that would be a very useful feature. It’s been requested before on the forums and there’s the following issue about it on GitHub:

Now that custom properties have types, the idea is to add an ‘object reference’ type, that will render such lines when used.

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Oh, @bjorn thanks. I thought I had a unique idea! Haha. Maybe I should dive into C++ and see if I can spend some time on the bugger. I’m too busy with my own game though. No rush though, but I think it would be a very useful addition to our lord and savior Tiled. I’ll see what I can do, I know you are super busy