Is there a way to show object IDs on the map?

In our current project, we have several objects which reference other objects via custom properties.
For example, a “warp” object which teleports the player to another “warp” object. There is a custom property called “TargetID” where the level designer inserts the object ID of the teleport target.

To improve this workflow we would like to show IDs of our objects directly on the map. Right now the level designer has to click on each individual object to look up the ID, it would be much easier to see it directly on the map. I only found a way to display the object’s name on top of it. Is there an easy way to show the ID, too?

You cannot show object IDs on the map, unless you include them in the name of the object.

The custom property type “object” exists to bypass this need though, it contains an object ID as its value, but you can select an object from the map directly when editing the property, you don’t have to know the object’s ID. You can also optionally display the Object References created by these properties as lines on the map. Using this feature also makes it easier to see when references are broken (e.g. if a referenced object is deleted).

@eishiya This is even better than what I had in mind. Thank you for the help!