Copying And Pasting Between Maps Broken

I am using Tiled to edit Stardew Valley maps. I created a copy of one of the maps and edited it so that it was mostly blank. I attempted to copy features from the original unedited version to the new clean version. While some tiles transferred as expected others were missing or out of place.

These screenshots show the results.

What!? Did the developer of Stardew Valley use Tiled to create the maps, or is there some converter / importer available somewhere?

Ok, a quick search yielded these instructions, which seem to indicate he used tIDE, but tIDE can export to TMX, so I guess this is what you did? It may be interesting to add .tbin support to Tiled so the conversion step isn’t necessary…

In any case, I have currently no idea what may be going wrong with the copy & paste. Are you having these issues only with these Stardew Valley maps? If so I would need to try opening those in Tiled as well to find out what’s going wrong.

I use tIDE to convert into a TILED format as you guessed. I wish I knew why C&P is borked though.