How do I copy and paste a map to a bigger map

I am completely new to this and followed this one-page tutorial:

So I made a simple terrain, and now I want to make a bigger version by copy and pasting it. I clicked map → resize, and got the resized map, but can’t seem to copy and paste. Also, do I need to select the layers in the layers dialogue when I do this?

Sorry for such a dumb noob question!

You’ll need to select all the layers you want to copy+paste from, then select everything on the map with the selection tool, and then you can copy+paste. Pasting will turn your copied data into a brush, so you’ll need to stamp it into the correct location.

There’s a caveat with stamping multiple layers at once: Tiled uses layer names to decide which layers to paste to if your brush has mullriplie layers, so you’ll need to make sure all the affected layers have unique names.

Because the Stamp Brush and Object Selection tools work in different ways, I don’t think it’s currently possible to copy+paste both objects and tiles all at the same time, you’ll have to do the tiles first, then the objects, if you have any.