How Do I Actually Use A Map In Corona SDK?

I have a sample map. The Water and Grass.
I export it as .lua file for Corona SDK.
I Opened that file and I see a table
return {
– Here there are more tables with all the
– tiles info, size, layers, and numbers for data


It’s just a .lua file

How do I actually see, this map in composer?
How do I use it, Like how do I place an image in tile 45? for example
like a boat on close to the east shore?
how do I recognize each tile in composer?

Thanks for your help

You’ll need a Tiled parser/renderer for Corona. Not sure if one exists.

The Lua files Tiled writes are simply the map’s data. There’s nothing in it that’s specific to Corona. It won’t draw anything unless you either use a library that works with Corona and can render the map for you, or you could write your own renderer using sprites for tiles (and sweat, lots of sweat and some swearing on the side). :wink:

If you’re using Corona SDK you’ll want to check out Lime which can be found here:

A bunch of tutorials are available here:

It does not use the Lua export format because this was added after Lime was developed (which was back in 2010).

Cool, I’ve been meaning to find out about this as well. I have corona installed along with text wrangler as my editor but I actually haven’t used it yet. Good to know that Lime exists…

I checked Lime2D with Tiled – great combination…
I just need to learn how to do it a little more…

If I Buy the program… and I have an “specific” question that I can not answer
is there anyone that can help me solve that…

If so, I think it will be more than worth it to buy the 3 programs (Tiled, Sprite, Physics)
I think is $69.00 or so Right?

So if you have someone to actual help, and not just “youtube” and "Google"
I will buy it for sure…

Let me know

Are you talking about buying Lime? I don’t think it’s still for sale, is it?

Tiled is provided for free, and I’m even providing some level of support for free. My hope is that enough people will donate monthly through Patreon to allow me to spend more time on developing Tiled further.