Create object sets and import export them


I just got the main parts of my game done
(I wanna be the guy like jump and run game written in libgdx, Java)
and now its time to add maps.

So far Tiled is the best map editor I have come across, but I find it very hardnto use objects.
I am planing to add switches, enemies, suddenly moving blocks, … So i have to use a lot of different (tile) objects to mark the coordinates for my code. (Any better ideas?)
However, it is annyoing that I can’t place them like tiles. (I have to copy them manually using the object tab.)

Thats why I am asking for “object sets”. They work like tilesets, but you place objects (you defined earlier) instead of tiles.


Ps: Wrote this on my dumbphone during driving license training, I know that its hard to understand. Sry.
PPS: Should you ever consider adding something like this I am willung to help with my Java knowledge as much as I can.


I think the best is to group your objects on different object layers and hide unrelated ones while working on the map…

I am not sure how your object sets would differ from ordinary tilesets with properties and then placing tile objects?