Using Tiled to place objects with properties

HI all,

Just doing some investigation on whether or not using Tiled is right for us. What we need to be able to do, is to place objects on the map that have properties. Vague, I know, bare with me:

So, some objects would be collidables that will have Box2D physics bodies attached to them, some objects would not render any graphics, but serve to trigger events, or spawn enemies when the player gets close to them. Does Tiled support this kind of thing? Or is it strictly for placing map graphics?

Of course we would also use it to place objects that behave like terrain.


did you try tiled already? Tiled has an object tool which lets you draw objects. Just create an object layer and switch to it. Then a number of buttons in the toolbar becomes accessible which allow you to place rectangle, ellipses, polygons or lines (or tile objects). Each of those can have properties in a form of freely choosable key-value pairs.


Awesome, this is exactly the answer I was looking for! Thank you.