Creating a forest

My map is orthogonal

I want to create a forest, but the trees overlap each other like this:

I know i can create multiple Tile Layers to make a row of trees one in front of the other, but this is too much work and the forest i want to make is big and will have like 8 rows, is there a way to make tiles be in front of the other without overlapping, in a single layer?

You are conceptualizing this wrong. What you want to do is divide the individual trees into tiles themselves. The bottom of the tree (bottom of the trunk) will be painted under the player (and other interactive objects), while the rest of the tree will be drawn as a layer on top of the player. So you only need two layers, one below, and one above.

I want to create trees on top of other trees (in a single layer) to create a forest, but when i do that the trees overlap each other and it looks like the image i posted.

The left << is the effect i want. I can achieve it by creating multiple layers, but this is too hard to do since my forest would need to have 8 layers or more. The right >> is what happens when i try to put the trees in front of each other, in the same layer

Here’s a person asking the same thing i want, but the response was not clear and didnt explain it well

You will want to make some of those pixels (the grass pixels within the forest tiles) transparent.

They are already transparent (PNG)

Did you read that full thread? In particular the following:

For the easiest editing experience, you’ll want to make sure the entire tree is added as a single tile. You if you want free placement rather than being limited to the tile grid, you’ll in addition want to use an object layer to place them instead of a tile layer.

Thank you so much! It works now. I read it but i didn’t understand what he meant by “single image”, haha.

Is there any guide on how to use object layers?

Somebody recently posted a guide covering the basics here, though it does not cover tile objects (just select the “Insert Tile” tool instead of the “Insert Rectangle” tool, and select a tile in the tileset view before clicking the map):