Is there a way to overlay tree sprites?

Is there a way to have trees overlay on top of each other.
i want to make a dense forest using tree sprites( using this asset pack Raven Fantasy - 2D PixelArt Tileset and Sprites - Green Forest - FREE by Clockwork Raven), the trees are made up of multiple sprites.
if i try to do it on the same layer 1 tree will overwrite the other so that doesn’t work.
i could use multiple layers but than i’d have to make a layer for each individual tree, unfeasible.
than i thougt i’d use an object layer with image objects. but those only allow for a single sprite.
i’m out of ideas. how can i get this to work?

@eishiya has written about various options at Tiled Tip Sheet. You’ll probably want to split up your source image(s) such that you can place the entire tree as a single tile.

In a future version of Tiled I would like to support the creation of such a tile to be possible without splitting up the tileset image, by supporting tiles of arbitrary sizes and at arbitrary locations on the tileset.

ah, thanks that second option looks very good