Stacking tiles?

I am new to this so forgive me if I’m missing something obvious, but I want to place some trees that take up multiple tiles and I want to overlap some of them. I found that if I created a new layer, I could do this, otherwise, it simply replaces the tiles as show in the image below. Is there a better way than creating a new layer for every overlapped tree?

Short answer no, you’ll need to create layers. otherwise how would the export convey that one tile is actually multiple tiles. If you find yourself needing a ton of layers for this, why not make the tree it’s own image that can go on an object layer? Objects can overlap with no issue.

another option is to create a looping tree tileset Zelda: A Link to the Past does this, allowing them to have a repeating canopy pattern rather than a bunch of tree layers, but this can be difficult with certain art style, and the amount of variety you desire

Alright, thank you!

Well, actually there is another way, which is to have your tree as a single tile. Tiled renders tiles that are larger than the grid bottom-left aligned in their cell, so this will work fine and overlap correctly.

Since the regular tileset can’t have images of different sizes, you’ll probably want to use a Collection of Images tileset for things like this tree.