Cross Tileset Terrain Painting

In future will there be a way to paint terrain cross-tileset? For our game we have multiple terrain textures and I was hoping to extend a tileset with more variation.

I see using a collection of images is one possibility, though that’s not ideal due to the setup time (saving all the tiles as png, adding them all in the correct order), and I would probably need to hack about the .tmx’s a bit to convert them to use an image collection.

Tiled is fantastic btw, very well made tool :smiley:

I would certainly like to support cross-tileset terrain painting. I imagine it should be possible to implement this by matching up terrain types by their name. It’s just a matter of getting around to it, which could unfortunately take a while given the many other interesting features to be added.

Indeed the collection of images won’t be very comfortable to work with, so I think the main way to work around this limitation currently is to merge your tileset images together into a single huge tileset.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Having a huge tileset specifically for my tiled project seems like it will work fine, and I can just be careful to lay them out so their ID’s match our games separated tilesheets.

Totally understand that things can take a while to get around to :smiley: