Custom properties panel non-editable

First of all, congratulations, Bjorn for the Tiled 1.0 release. It’s really great to see all these workflow improvements.

I do have a bug report regarding the custom properties panel and how mouse click render the Edit and Rename icons below inactive. As a summary of the observation of the bug: the Edit/Rename buttons are inactive until a custom property a mouse click has been registered AFTER a custom property has been previously selected. It looks like a delayed state situation, where you’re one mouse click too late for querying the selection state.

To reproduce the bug in full follow these steps:
-Create 1x custom property in a Layer, or Object (it doesn’t matter)
-Upon creation the Edit and Rename buttons are active.
-Deselect the Layer/Object or select another Layer/Object to ‘refresh’ the panel.
-Select your Layer/Object with the custom property you’ve just created.
-Note Edit/Rename buttons are inactive.
-Select the custom property. Note Edit/Rename buttons are still inactive.
-Then select any other non-custom property (even the panel headings like ‘Custom Properties’). Note Edit/Rename buttons become active.
-Then click on the custom property again. Note that the Edit/Rename buttons become inactive.

This seems to be a bug 1.0 because I’m pretty sure this didn’t happen in 0.18.3.




Thanks for the detailed instructions to reproduce this issue. It is likely the same or related to this issue reported on GitHub:

I’ll be sure to have a look at fixing it tomorrow!

Will be fixed in the latest snapshot build (and Tiled 1.0.1):