"Custom Types Editor" Is unavailable

Very new to Tiled, though I have been tinkering with it for a few hours straight so I know most of the basics in terms of navigation and such. I’m not new to game design, however. I’m trying to mod a game, and it uses several custom properties to adjust how it looks. It’s official guide calls for [View → Custom Types Editor] to be enabled, but it’s grayed out.


So far I’ve looked at this question and it seems my issue is something to do with not having a project open since that’s what Custom Properties use. However, I’m not sure what that’s describing- again, new and all.

For context, I’m using Tiled to mod a Steam game: Carrion. The developers released a Steam Workshop addon that gave a tutorial on what is required to mod the game years ago. After creating a starter level through it’s toolkit, a .json is given that includes all the templates it uses. Everything is as the tutorial describes up until that “Custom Types Editor”. I say all this because there’s a possibility that I was meant to make a project before anything I’ve done already.

Long explanation short:
How do projects work? What do I need open?

Thank you to those who so much as read all of this.

You have to have a Tiled Project loaded for custom types to be available, as they are stored in the Project file. You can create a new Project in File > New > New Project. This will create a file that keeps track of your maps, tilesets, settings, etc for this particular project. When you load a Project, it’ll open all the files you had open for that project before and apply the relevant settings, and let you use the custom types defined for that project. More info: Projects — Tiled 1.10.1 documentation

The tutorial might just be very old, as it used to be that custom types were stored in a shared global file rather than in a project.

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Perfect! Yes, the tutorial is likely several years old at this point.

Thank you so much