Specify context project for command line usages


over the time my Tiled project has grown a lot, consisting of a world with many maps.
To support this, I’ve written custom export scripts and built a pipeline that runs these scripts for each of the maps using the Tiled command line interface. This was actually working very nicely!

Over the recent weeks, I included custom types to my project and I am using these types throughout my maps.
Running my export scripts from within the editor is working fine with these custom types but the export scripts are not working anymore (or rather are not giving the desired results) when being run from the command line. This is due to not having the project loaded (and with it the custom type definitions) when using the command line.

So all in all, my suggestion / feature request is that we could specify a project file to be loaded as context while using the CLI. In fact for my use case, I don’t need the complete project to be loaded, having the custom types from the project available would be enough.

All the best,