Different export data


thx a lot fist to develop tiled for ma and everyone.

we’re using tiled since 0.9.1

and we were using 1.3.1 with ‘js’ data of exported by tiled

and we test out map(tmx) on 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

and than we could see weird exrpoted js data.

first tileset path
- this path has ‘absolute path name’ , but old tiled has 'relative path name.

policy of tiled will be ‘absolute path’ ?

thx a lot

Hmm, nothing should have changed in this regard. The references to external files, be it external tilesets or images, should be relative whenever possible. The only time it isn’t, is when you’re using Windows and are referring to a file on another drive, because then it is not possible to use a relative path.

I just tested it by saving the example “desert.tmx” map as a JavaScript “desert.js” file and the reference to external “desert.tsx” file was relative like it should be.

If you believe you’ve run into a bug please provide some more information, for example which platform you’re on and where you’re saving the map and where your tilesets are.