Difficult to see dark tilesets

Hey Forum,

So i’ve recently started using tiled for a personal project, and i’m enjoying the program so far, the one big issue i’m running into however is not really being able to see what i’m tilings. The contrast between the bright white gaps and the dark tiles makes them very hard to view.


The tiles get even darker then that.

The game is meant to be moody, and the tiles are very view-able against black in photoshop, but i’m finding it very difficult to put together as is. Is there a way to change the background of the tiling box to black? And maybe change the colour of the UI? that would help too. Photoshop uses a dark grey UI with light grey text exactly to solve this issue.


There will eventually be a dark theme for Tiled. Actually somebody already opened a pull request about this:


A Windows installer based on that pull request is available here:


If you try it, feedback is welcome (please read the discussion on the pull request and reply there).