Does tiled 1.3 support Python on Mac OS 10.15

The builtin python is python7.
But we can install python3 by brew.
Does tiled 1.3 support Python on Mac OS 10.15

At the moment Tiled for macOS does not ship with a Python plugin. This is because I’m not familiar enough with macOS to know how this can be achieved. When Tiled was using Python 2 it was straight-forward because macOS ships with it.

I wonder if it would suffice to install Python 3 with Homebrew when building Tiled, to get the Python plugin to be included. And then to require installation of Python 3 by the user before this plugin can be enabled. One problem with this, as we have encountered on Windows, is that when the version of the Python 3 library does not match, Tiled may crash when you try to enable the plugin. :-/

In the end, the proper way to support Python may be to ship the Python framework along with it, but I don’t really want to go along that path.

Note that Tiled 1.3 is extendable using JavaScript. Would that be an option for you? It is much easier to provide cross-platform support for JavaScript than for Python.

This is an exciting news.
I will try it asap.
thank you!