What does Python support mean in Tiled?

I’m sure this is a stupid question but I haven’t been able to find any documentation. What does it mean for Tiled to have Python support? I see there is a plugin for it and I’m wondering if that means we can modify/extend/export Tiled data in customizable ways.

Actually, that’s a good question as to what Python support is internal to Tiled. I’m curious myself.

But in the meantime, I am using the package PyTMX to take Tiled map save files (*.tmx) and import them into Python: PyTMX Introduction.

If you are using pygame (as I am), here is another pretty good reference for using PyTMX to pull in Tiled map data: PyTMX used in pygame

The python support means that you can write plugins for custom export
formats in python directly. You can check the repository for some examples.
Unfortunately I am on mobile atm, so in cannot link them properly.


Right, so like @Ablu said the Python plugin adds the ability to write Python scripts to add map formats, the same way you can write C++ plugins to add new formats. It supports of course both reading and writing.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it gets much testing, and it is not officially documented at all apart from the examples. This is largely due to me not being a Python programmer and this plugin having been added by somebody else. I’ve merely tried to maintain it and keep it working (which I hope it does).

Some information about the example scripts can be found at:

And I will try to get to fixing this issue soon:

When I get to add more scripting support to Tiled, I will likely go with JavaScript instead.