Does Tiled change the tile sizes?

I created a hexagon map with tiles 50x58, but when I exported the map to png the tiles were much smaller.

They are around 20px smaller.

Is this normal behavior or did I do something wrong?

I’m not sure if this is a Tiled issue or maybe it’s my workflow. I created my tiles in Illustrator using pixels for the base document, then used TexturePacker to make a tilesheet. I actually tried it both ways tilesheets and individual tile images.

Maybe the issue is Illustrator. Does anyone have any advice setting up Illustrator for use with Tiled?

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you enable “Use current zoom level” and had the map zoomed out a bit?

Negative. The zoom level was set to normal. I thought that might
have been the problem but I did it three times to be sure.

Hmm, then I have no idea. Maybe you can upload a screenshot of Tiled or the tileset and the exported image?

The big map is what I created with Tiled.
The small image is a single tile 50x58px that I used for the big map.

Hmm, I don’t see the problem. If I open both images in GIMP and copy & paste the small image onto the big image then the tile has the exact same size as all the others. In both images the tiles are 58 pixels high.

Maybe you do indeed have some issue with Illustrator, but I can’t help with that.

I will take a look. I did the same thing, I brought the Tiled map into
Illustrator but the hexes didn’t match. I even cutout a hex from the Tiled
image and brought that into AI that’s how I measured its size and it was
20px smaller. I will look into it further. Not sure how to explain it.

Ok, so the problem is Illustrator.

I loaded the Tiled image into Photoshop, Paint, and Illustrator. Photoshop and Paint were fine, the total size of the image was the same for both programs, and the hex tile was the same size as the hexes in the Tiled image. When I compared the total image size between Illustrator and Photoshop, the Illustrator image was smaller.

I did some more research on the net, and this seems to be an issue pixel vs vector.

Bottomline: I can use Illustrator to create my tiles, but AI does not accurately display a Tiled image.

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