Importing map into Unity - the size is wrong, it's very small

Hi, complete noob to Tiled. So I created a demo map to see how things work. But it’s very small when I attempt to drag it to the scene. I have to change the scale from 1 to 50 to get it to normal size

I’m using the same exact size and settings as the Tutorial map included (TestOverhead) but I’m still having trouble making things work.

I’m sure I missed a easy step but cant figure it out . Tried making a new scene and my map is still very small

Hi there, @joey1. This sounds like an issue with Pixels Per Unit settings. What PPU are you using for your in-game sprites? You should use the same settings with your maps and tilesets (they can be set in the inspector for those assets).

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thank you! it worked.

You were right about PPU. My sprites and tiletsets were on 100 ppu (default)

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